The hippie market in Magalluf opened in May. | Teresa Ayuga


Hoteliers in Magalluf and Palmanova say that occupancy in July was similar to or in some instances higher than it was in 2019, a record summer. This level of occupancy is despite prices that have typically exceeded those in 2019. The hoteliers are confident that August will also be positive.

The complementary sector of bars, restaurants and nightlife is said to also be enjoying good business. "The season is very good," according to Juanma Colom, co-owner of four establishments in the area. After two years of the pandemic, tourists have arrived with money and are wanting to spend what they had saved for holidays. Not even price increases because of inflation are denting business. One hotel director recommends booking at least a week in advance for a day by the pool at a beach club, such is the demand and the willingness to spend.

Holidaymakers are still mostly British, but there are plenty of other nationalities - a growing number of French, for instance. And businesses are pleased that there has been far less of the sensationalist reporting of previous years, suggesting that the hoped-for leap in quality is evident. Aspects of the change in Magalluf include the hippie market, which opened in May.

This said, there are the persisting problems, such as the mugging prostitutes, while for all the positive news on a business front, there are always anecdotes that beg to differ.