Carriage drivers in neighbouring Muro have also proposed a change to electric carriages. | MDB


Alcudia town hall will not, for now, amend the licences for horse-drawn carriages. At Thursday's council meeting, replacement by electric carriages was ruled out, the mayor, Domingo Bonnín, saying that "there are no electric carriages on the market". "It's a product that doesn't exist. No matter how much Palma town hall may have approved this, it's something that is impossible. Alcudia won't do it." He added that the carriage licence holders, who had themselves proposed electric carriage replacements, also recognise that they aren't available.

While an opposition motion for electric carriage replacement was defeated, the mayor explained that he has requested "the pertinent reports" to be clear about the situation. "After studying it and speaking with them (the licence holders), I will try to make a decision." The meeting therefore agreed to leave the motion on the table pending the necessary legal reports.

Bonnín, who recently said that he was "sick of" problems caused by horse carriages, stressed that "at no time have I said that the licences will be withdrawn". "I have not made any arbitrary decision for or against and nor have I said if we will pay compensation or not. However, the time has come to study the situation with the horse carriages in the municipality."

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The carriage drivers in Alcudia and neighbouring Muro proposed a change to electric carriages last autumn. At the time, Muro town hall felt that this was a good idea, but it has run up against the same problem that Alcudia has identified - the lack of availability.