Working from home in Mallorca could soon get alot more attractive for non-European Union workers (including Britons) as the Spanish government intends to introduce a new five year VISA aimed at attracting so-called Nomad workers and they even get tax breaks from the government giving them even greater spending power.

According to a report in today´s Guardian: "the law has yet to be passed there are still some details to be hammered out but it is expected that the visa – essentially a residency permit – will be initially valid for one year, renewable for up to five years depending on the applicant’s circumstances. Close relatives, such as a spouse or children, will be eligible to join the applicant..."

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The rate of tax paid by the workers will be much lower. The Palma city council believes that Nomad workers could play a key role in reviving resorts during the winter months. They wanted to promote the Playa de Palma, with its resorts of Can Pastilla and Arenal, as centres for Nomad workers. A massive promotion campaign was shelved because of political infighting.

The report in the Guardian states: Applicants must be from outside the European Economic Area and be able to demonstrate that they have been working remotely for at least a year. They must have a contract of employment or, if freelance, show that they have been regularly employed by a company outside Spain. They must also demonstrate that they will earn enough to be self-sufficient and that they have an address in Spain.

Since the Covid lockdown the number of people working from home has increased dramatically in Spain. Already a number of people, working for British and German based companies spent the summer on the island working remotely from their holiday homes.