Balearic population could grow by 25% over next 15 years. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearics is the region whose population will increase the most over the next 15 years in relation to its current size, up to 25% more, if the current demographic trend continues, according to the population projection published today by the National Statistics Institute.

The INE estimates an absolute growth of 306,142 people in the Balearics between 2022 and 2037, the sixth highest after Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands.
The Balearics will reach a population of 1.5 million (1,530,103) people in 2037.

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The Balearics is one of the few regions (together with Murcia, Madrid and Ceuta and Melilla) in which the accumulated number of births would exceed the number of deaths.

In Spain as a whole, the population figures will reach 51.67 million in 2037 and would reach 52.9 million in 2072 due to migration. Between 2022 and 2036, 5.5 million children will be born, 14.2% fewer than in the previous 15 years, and they will increase again from 2058 onwards.

Life expectancy at birth will reach 86.0 years for men and 90.0 years for women in 2071, a gain of 5.8 and 4.2 years respectively compared to current values.
Life expectancy for people aged 65 in 2071 would be 22.7 years for men (3.7 years more than at present) and 26.3 years for women (3.2 years more).