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El Molinar in Palma, Mallorca

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El Molinar on the frontline of the foreign buying controversy

The report of the sale of a property to a German buyer came amidst the controversy raised by the proposal for residency qualification.

Andrew Ede13/11/2022 08:22

Josep Melià, the parliamentary spokesman and leader of the El Pi party.


“Mallorca cannot become like Hong Kong”

"We need to stop, pause and reflect on what has happened, what Mallorca has already lost and how we are going to best protect what we have got moving forward."

Humphrey Carter12/11/2022 10:09

The negative message has already hit the international media.

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Mallorcan foreign property market hit by a “nuclear bomb”

The message is reaching international markets and causing deep concern for the immediate future of the Balearics.

Humphrey Carter05/11/2022 11:36