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Katharine Hamnett at the Espacio Pulpo cultural centre in Palma.


“Foreign residents need to be more integrated in Mallorca”

"I want to see is everybody involved, everyone using their vote while at the same time all the political parties addressing the community at large, and by that I mean foreign residents as well."

Humphrey Carter23/12/2022 12:39

PALMA - Alerta máxima en las Islas por el paso de un cohete chino descontrolado.
Los aerolíneas extranjeras se vieron obligadas a reprogramar el tráfico de Alemania y el Reino Unido a Palma, afectando a más de 9.000 pasajeros.
Incertidumbre entre los


Does Spain like the UK?

Why has not Spain done the same considering with the new EU travel visas and finder print checks coming into forces next year, border controls in Spain for Britons are only going to get worse?

Humphrey Carter22/12/2022 15:23

Cold snap continues across Britain


Canary Islands lead push to scrap 90-day rule for Britons

Those who overstay this period – intentionally or unintentionally – may face penalties.

Humphrey Carter16/12/2022 13:25

Jacob Rees-Mogg says go to Portugal to avoid passport control queues.

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British MP advises Britons to holiday in Portugal, not Spain

“If the Spanish don’t want British custom, there is no need to spend your hard-earned money in Spain."

Humphrey Carter16/12/2022 12:50

Glen Matlock, bassist and founder of the Sex Pistols.


“Scrap the monarchy and have President Johnson... then there would be a revolution!”

“To be honest, I think Charles will do all right. I’d give him about eight years on the throne. He’s had plenty of time to get ready and think about what he’s going to do as king and he’s got some very interesting ideas, some of which will clash with the current government’s line on certain issues, so good luck to him."

Humphrey Carter06/12/2022 14:51