The Playa de Palma is out of control. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Playa de Palma hoteliers have yet again criticised the lack of attention they are receiving from Palma City Hall in terms of cleaning and security in the holiday resort popular with the Germans, denouncing that both services “are non-existent despite the reinforcements that have been announced”, according to their president, José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón.

The Playa de Palma Federation of Hoteliers is demanding more vigilance and cleanliness in a tourist area with 115 establishments and more than 35,000 beds “and which is the most important in the Balearics”, according to its representative.

Fernández de Alarcón said that they have made “an effort to improve our facilities and the quality of our service” but that this work “has not been supported by the council, which has practically abandoned us”.

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The president of the federation, who will leave office in the coming weeks, stressed that in reality the problems of anti-social behaviour are centred “on five blocks and two streets” and he claims not to understand “why it is so complicated to prevent them from causing so much nuisance and why those who should put things in order do not do so”.

To avoid them, he stresses, “a little interest” on the part of the council would be enough and criticised the fact that there are many regulations, such as laws and ordinances against excesses, the same as those in force in Magalluf, “but, so far, little cleanliness and less security and no will to apply them”.

Fernández de Alarcón also questioned the reinforcements that city hall announces each season, describing them as “ineffective because Playa de Palma is dirtier and more unsafe than ever". "The other day, a manager of a hotel was assaulted. This cannot be allowed. If the plans worked, we wouldn’t be in this situation. There is a lack of forcefulness.”

He was also very critical of the work of the local police, “who have not been up to the task of resolving the problem. It must be that they have been instructed to focus on traffic fines and abandon policing in our area because they are not about. “The island does not deserve this reputation when we hoteliers are making a great effort.”