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The environmentalists have been vandalising trappings of the wealthy in Ibiza


Tourism protests: This time they are different

The anti-tourism protests that occurred in Mallorca a few years ago had a degree of coordination in that they mainly involved agitators like Arran, who also had a political agenda due to close links with Catalan independence groups.

Andrew Ede24/07/2023 17:37

Last weekend's attack on the super yacht Kaos in Ibiza.

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Eco-warriors put the rich and famous off the Balearics

There have been changes in dates and cancellations of mooring reservations.

Humphrey Carter22/07/2023 11:05

The activists in action attacking colf courses.

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Extinction Rebellion target golf courses in the Balearics

Extinction Rebellion said it was part of a series of international protests “targeting the richest one percent of the population”.

Humphrey Carter03/07/2023 14:31

World-beating Playa de Muro.


Mallorcan beach is the “best in the world”

The beach is considered one of the world’s cleanest beaches.

Humphrey Carter14/06/2023 10:11

UK suspect in police custody

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UK’s most wanted busted in Alcudia, Mallorca

Fugitive had recently travelled to Mallorca to secretly meet with his family.

Humphrey Carter05/06/2023 13:28

Climate change protest in Palma, Mallorca

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Mallorca Citizens' Assembly proposes tourist and vehicle limits

A government-backed assembly to address challenges posed by climate change.

Andrew Ede19/02/2023 13:28

Pirvate jets at Palma airport.

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Mallorca protest against private jets, ban called for

"A ban on private jets would be a strong signal of justice for European citizens in the context of the climate crisis.”

Humphrey Carter15/02/2023 16:36