Magalluf crackdown launched.

The Calvia council announced this morning that a Magalluf business had been fined 60,000 euros for selling alcohol out of hours. Sales of alcohol in shops are banned between 9.30p.m. and 8a.m. in Magalluf as part of the law of excesses. The council also announced that the business would be closed. This is the third such fine so far this summer. The two earlier business were fined 60,000 euros and 100,000 euros. Local police officers noticed that the unnamed business had been selling alcohol at around 10.30p.m.

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Javier Tascón, Deputy Mayor in charge of Fines and Infringements, said that "this new action demonstrates our firm commitment to guaranteeing safe leisure in the municipality and to combat any form of anti-social tourism or excesses".

Tascón added that "we are also enforcing the rules of the game equally for all tourist establishments. It is not fair that those who are committed to quality and good service should be harmed by those who do not comply with the rules. We must defend our entrepreneurs and workers against those who damage the image of our municipality."