The latest attack on the superyacht. | Scientist Rebellion

Environmental activists from Rebel-lió o Extinció painted a superyacht in Barcelona’s Marina Port Vell this morning in protest against an “unsustainable lifestyle for the planet”, they have claimed in a statement.

In the text, the activists claim that “the luxury megaloot” object of the action belongs to “Nancy Walton, daughter of James Bud Walton and heiress of the family that controls the Walmart supermarket chain”.
They claim that the motive is the “protest against the climate crisis”.

Marina Port Vell confirmed that a group of people entered their facilities in the morning and painted the boat, which was recently attacked in the Port of Ibiza.

They sprayed biodegradable red paint onto the superyacht before unfurling a banner reading: “Billionaires should not exist.”

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“At the end of another exceptional summer in terms of record temperatures and extreme weather events, the richest 1% of people on the planet continue to pollute more than the poorest 50%. Mega-yachts are one of the most obvious examples of a lifestyle that is unsustainable for the planet,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

They have stated that the boat is now “in perfect condition” after quick action of the security team, which was reinforced after what happened in Ibiza.
On July 16, two activists from the environmental organisation Futuro Vegetal spray-painted the same yacht in protest against the climate crisis.

Rebel-lió o Extinció said the attack was part of the campaign ‘Make them pay’, in which they demand the banning and confiscation of “mega-iots” and the payment of climate damage to those who pollute the most.

Extinction Rebellion has pledged to target the super wealthy, saying they want to make it clear that “the rich and their leisure activities that waste essential resources are a luxury that we cannot afford.”