Britons under the spotlight again. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The director general of the Spanish tourist board, Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, has apparently encouraged German holiday makers to beat the British in Spain.

At a national level the British market has been the market leader for decades but at a meeting organised by the German media outlet FVW in Valencia, Sanz reportedly spoke out in favour of the German market because it is considered to have greater purchasing power: “Surpass the British,” he stated, after pointing out that Spain is not a destination that competes on price with others, but focuses on “quality and the travel experience”.

The comments come just a few months after a spat between the UK travel industry and the Canary Islands after the former president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Dolores Corujo, called for more Germans over Britons.

This caused controversy in the UK media and even prompted a letter from Jet2 CEO, Steve Heapy, asking for an explanation.

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In the meantime, from September 11 to October 22, Turespaña is carrying out a “YOU DESERVE SPAIN” campaign in Latin America, the United States, Canada and the Middle East to promote the country as a tourist destination in the low season.

The campaign is part of the Strategic Marketing Plan 2021-2024, which has the priority objective of promoting a more sustainable tourism model, and to promote the deseasonalisation, attracting tourists outside the summer season and thus avoiding the concentration in the summer months.

On the other hand, it aims to attract tourists from long-haul markets, with a higher average expenditure and, therefore, a much more profitable profile for Spanish tourism.

These tourists come to Spain attracted by its culture and heritage, its gastronomy, its nature and landscapes or its cities; and not exclusively to enjoy the beach and the good weather, thus favouring the territorial deconcentration of tourist activity towards inland and city destinations.