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Carry-on luggage can no longer be charged for.


Carry-on baggage charge to be scrapped says EU

In 2014, the EU Court of Justice ruled that hand luggage must be free of charge.

Humphrey Carter23/09/2023 10:41

Yet another EU delay.


Good news for Britons heading for Mallorca next summer

The go-live date for ETIAS has now been delayed to May 2025.

Humphrey Carter22/09/2023 13:04

Two tourists strolled in the sun at the Parc de la Mar


"Mallorca’s tourist industry learns harsh lessons from a lacklustre 2023 summer"

“Mallorca has learnt a hard lesson this season. You can’t take tourists for granted...”

Jason Moore04/08/2023 12:15

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UK travel boss slams Spain President over comments about British tourism

"I contacted her for clarification over her inflammatory and quite frankly offensive comments about British tourists..."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/03/2023 11:16