Porreres town hall is working on a new bylaw. | MDB

There was a protest in Alcudia some weeks ago against the excessive occupation of the public way by terraces in the old centre. In Soller, the port in particular, residents have been complaining about the same thing over the summer. In the past, there have been complaints in Bunyola because of the sheer number of cyclists who take over terraces and other public space in the main square.

This 'massification' (or overcrowding) is now a concern in Porreres. Residents are denouncing the excessive occupation by bar and restaurant terraces in the village centre. One says that it is almost impossible to walk through the square. Another adds that there are times when he can't even get the car out of the garage.

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A curiosity in Porreres is that the town hall hasn't apparently been levying a terrace tax; this has aggravated the problem. The town hall is now modifying regulations so that control will be possible. The mayor, Xisca Mora, says: "Ordinance will establish the number of chairs and tables for each restaurant. Spaces will be defined in square metres. In this way we can mark the spaces and ensure that establishments comply."

The bylaw will also address the fact that bars and restaurants leave their terrace furniture out at night. "They treat the public way like a warehouse," notes a resident.

"The square simply cannot be seen. There's only space for wooden, metal and plastic features without any standardisation. The situation must change. A balance must be found, as the village should be for the people."