Millions of British home owners in Spain feel they are being punished for Brexit. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Bulletin is asking for your views on moves to scrap the 90-day rule in Spain and messages of support are flooding in.

In response to your article on the 25th November 2023.

We’ve owned a holiday home in Mallorca for over 40 years. The 90-day ruling has meant we’re now severely restricted in the time we can spend on the island. We like to avoid the summer months when it’s hot and busy but can no longer visit as much as we’d like the rest of the year.

The Spanish economy relies heavily on revenue from tourists; it can’t help but suffer due to people like us not being able to visit as often. We employ staff on a full-time basis but I’m not sure we can continue to do this now time at our house has been reduced. When we’re in Mallorca we also support the local economy (running two cars, buying food, eating out, shopping, etc) so it would be of great benefit to the island if those with holiday homes like us could visit unrestricted.


Grenville & Margaret Richards

Dear sir /madam,

I read with interest your article on the 90 day rule.

I would advocate a change at European level and establish a more flexible 180 days in one year for all owners of second homes in the EU as we have all made a significant investment in our chosen host country and clearly embrace the European ideal.

Any additional flexibility at country level would of course be welcomed.

Best regards

Mark and Paula coward

Dear sir,

Following on from your article we would like to add our support for home owners to be exempt from the 90/180 day rule as our rights as a home owner are being denied by the ruling. We have owned property in Spain since 2005 and have paid tens of thousands in taxes into the spanish economy, not to mention the monies spent living there, and we are now restricted die to a rulong we neither voted, nor agreed with.

There should be an exemption for people in our situation otherwise long term we will have to sell our beautiful Spanish home, depriving Spain of an income, and find a country that restore the rights we had before the ridiculous decision to leave the EU.

Please add my support to your campaign.

Kindest regards

Roger Collings

As a homeowner in Spain for 16 years and nearing retirement I am very disappointed that I am unable restricted to the 90 day rule to the point where I am considering selling and buying in a non schengen country.

I did note vote for Brexit and feel that I am being badly treated for my loyalty to Spain having paid taxes in the country.

Please use this email to lobby the Spanish government to amend the 90 day restriction.

Paul Hambridge

We have had a house in Lubrin, Andalucia for six years. It is set in the countryside with plenty of trees, good weather and a very relaxed atmosphere.

My husband was diagnosed with incurable Mesothelioma at the beginning of this year. We only managed to go out to Spain this year for one month and I could not believe the change in my husband's outlook, attitude and health.

He rested in the warmth of the sun, breathed in the highly oxygenated air, and ate fresh local fruit and vegetables. It would be so beneficial for him to spend longer in our peaceful haven.

This ridiculous rule needs to be revoked or changed. Whoever, in the UK, agreed to the 90 day rule needs to make amends.



Good morning,

I fully understand the EU position with the UK, but to cut one's nose off to spite the face seems utterly ridiculous from both sides.

I've owned a house in Spain for 11 years, long before Brexit was discussed. It was an investment for the future and assist our health as we age further.

I'm now 65 and my partner is 64. Our spend whilst in Spain is circa 2k per month, plus house renovations and repairs/replacements. Multiply that by a million Brit owners, and you have a massive contribution to the Spanish economy.

We have had 4 of our friends sell in the last two years due to the 90 rule, and we are also considering moving holiday home location to Turkey.

Surely it makes sense for home owners to be given an unlimited stay in the relevant EU countries.


Michael Lambert

Good afternoon, and as suggested, I am responding to your article which you identify as covering the 90 day rule and it’s effects upon second home owners and in our case this is a second home we have in southern Spain.

For many years we had travelled extensively throughout Spain and its various islands including regular family holidays to Bolnuevo and Mazarrón, Costa Cálida, Murcia some 40 years ago.

Following our retirement, and before Brexit, we decided that we wanted a Spanish second home and this resulted in our purchase of a property within the Mazarrón Country Club.

We then enjoyed two three monthly visits, during the warmer months, to our second home with family and friends also making regular visits with us which was all within the travelling arrangements that we were then allowed. We estimate that between ourselves and the family visits we were contributing somewhere in the region of €30,000 to the local economy.

However, now after Brexit our circumstances have changed dramatically, although we still consider ourselves to be European and it is no fault of the Spanish people, we can now only spend 90 days in any rolling period of 180 days. It would not be economical, time efficient or environmentally friendly to take regular short breaks to fit into the new restrictions and so we need to continue with a 3 month visit.

That would mean we would have to take our second visit during the winter months when travelling by ferry, as we have a dog, can become problematic and just not suitable. Consequently we now only visit once a year for 3 months during the summer months and as our time is limited we have substantially restricted visits by family and friends probably reducing our contribution to the local economy by some €20,000.

Because we will have used our 90 day allowance we can then no longer visit family and friends in our other favourite place being Lanzarote during the summer. Likewise we have our 50th wedding anniversary in April 2024 and would have preferred a big family event in a Spanish city possibly Barcelona or Madrid but cannot as that would overlap with our summer visit already booked for our visit to our second home. Consequently, we have no choice but to take this event to a location outside the Schengen Area and that is what we shall be doing.

We had another worrying event recently as our alarm system at our Spanish home alerted us to a power disconnection which we were able to rectify. This highlights the problem that if there was a serious incident at the property after we had returned to the UK after our 90 days we would not be able to return to attend to the problem.

We fear that, like many, if this restriction of 90 days remains and we do not return to enjoy the same allowance of 180 days as Spanish visitors to the UK enjoy then maintaining and keeping a second home in Spain will no longer be viable.

Hopefully there may be a possibility of change before that so we can continue to be part of the Spanish community.

Many thanks

Wendy & Phillip Ellis

Dear Sir

I write to ask for your help to resolve a problem that the negotiation of Brexit has created ,affecting UK citizens. My family and many thousands of other UK taxpayers have regarded ourselves as a part year residents of Spain ,paying all taxes ,and observing all legal requirements to do so for the time we spent in this wonderfull country.

Very few of us voted for Brexit and we were not protected under the withdrawl agreement and as a result of the hard Brexit (which none of us voted for) we are now unfairly restricted in the use of our properties in Spain purely by not being able to spend more days in Spain than is required under the "residencia terms" agreed at the time of withdrawl.We still have to pay the same taxes and utility bills annually as those protected.

Your help in resolving this issue by lobbying the Spanish government to adjust the time required to live in Spain under "Residencia terms ," or allowing a flexible 180 day visa waiver for UK citizens ,would be very much appreciated. Afterall this is what the UK already offers Spanish citizens.

Yours sincerely,

David Newman

Hola - I'm just writing to say how much I miss my home in Spain when I'm forced to return to UK by the 90 day in 180 rule imposed by Brexit. The costs and environmental impact of the extra flights or ferry crossings plus long drives are an additional burden.

We pay council tax and other fees for the full year on our home in Spain, but can only visit for half of that time. It would be wonderful if the new Spanish government created a visa to simplify our travel arrangements by letting us stay for 180 days at a time, or longer, just as the UK allows Spanish citizens.

And, when you consider how much UK homeowners used to spend in Spain (including Mallorca) each year, reducing that by 50% seems to be a very backward step for the Spanish economy, but one that could be reversed with a suitable 'homeowner' visa. An average spend of €1000 /month x l,000,000 long stay Brits = £l,000,000,000 - that's a lot of euros! Such a visa could perhaps also be extended to those who can show they have a history of long-term rental in Spain.

Let's hope for the best


David Candlish

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My wife and I have owned a house in Soller for 38 years and think of it, and the town, as our home away from home. The 90-day rule is just one of the many freedoms of which Brexit has robbed us and made us feel like second-class citizens and strangers in what we have long considered our own land.

We applaud your campaign to abolish this pointless bureaucratic restriction. We imagine, though, that to do so will require a decision by EU member governments. It would therefore be good if efforts could be made to enlist support from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and other countries where many British citizens own properties. Have you or, as far as you know, the Spanish government attempted to do so?

Guy de Jonquières


It’s not just home owners. We have owned a caravan for 30 years different ones ,stored them in the
local town storage stayed on the same park camping Parasio Villajoyosa took out travel insurance eaten and drunk out many many
times for 5 months in winter and all the owners of the park restaurants ect say its madness we can only stay 90 days
It’s the Germans and the rest of the none tourist eu country’s that don’t care the French Spanish Portuguese Greeks need to tell the others they will leave they will soon change the rules then We also know a lot of people who rent and stay in hotels for longer than 90 days so just not home owners please Glad to have got that off my chest.

Having read through the blogs/posts on the above subject; I do not own a home in Spain but I wholeheartedly agree with everything I have been reading.
I didn’t vote either way for Brexit as it just wasn’t properly explained.
I have been looking for a property in Spain as a cash buyer but am holding off.
Equality, Inclusively and Diversity springs to mind. As does the Human Rights Act.
I always thought the UK was a free country.
It has become draconian. Society which is constantly stressed and afraid as each way you turn your rights are taken away from you.
I am all for a safe haven for refugees and welcome everyone with open arms.
It’s a shame and I mean shame on the Government that UK citizens are not treated the same way.
Is it because we live in fear of upsetting non UK residents in the world of wokism now?
We should ALL be equal.
It’s OK to treat us like third class citizens though! No wonder so many of us want to leave the UK for a place that will actually appreciate what we give to the economy. And we could enjoy a less stressful healthy life.
I didn’t realise that Henry the 8th was still alive!
I would like to think that another opinion will help but with this country who knows.
Everyone I talk to has just had enough of being constantly told what to do.
What needs to be done is whats right and fair so COME ON
Rant over.
Kindest regards,

Dear editor
Thank you for your media coverage highlighting the injustice of the 90 day Schengen implemented restrictions unfairly forced upon uk second home owners and long term travellers due to Brexit.
My wife and I find it difficult to understand the benefits to any country of this outdated rule .. we don’t fully understand the politics behind this method of restricting self sufficient and money spending people from freely travelling.
We have spent many hard years juggling work in the uk so that we could enjoy pleasure travel time, over approximately 15 years we had spent many happy months every year in Spain, we had invested into two detached villas on the mainland that we improved considerably over 8 years utilising local labour and materials property for my wife and I to enjoy and one for our family and friends to use on long visits .. we paid all our taxes and followed all the rules, and spent many thousands of euros into the local economy... but these unjust 90 day restrictions have now meant that we could not use our hard earned investments to their full potential ... and it was with massive sadness that we found the restrictions too difficult to manage and decided to sell up and invest more into the UK... which this year we did ..
We do massively miss our happy exciting times spent in Spain, at times we regret our decision and would possibly invest there again if the restrictions were amended or even better completely removed
We also find it very unfair that Europeans have the greater ease of long term travel to the UK..and feel that at least English citizens should be afforded the same reciprocal agreement with Spain.
Please keep up the media coverage to ensure our plight is understood and hopefully common sense will eventually prevail ...
A massive thank you and mention to Andrew Hesselden of facebook page 180 days in Spain for working tirelessly for many thousands of people...We live in hope that it won’t take too long for common sense to be implemented.
Don and Jane Hopewell

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this. We have owned 3 different 2nd homes in Costa Blanca for 23 years with a view to retire their at 67. Then Bexit potentially scuppered these plans. In 23 years we estimate that we have contributed almost 1.100.000 euro’s to the local economy and have paid our non residents taxes every year.
Whilst we have always accepted that we are guests in Spain we resent being treated as pariahs by customs officials at Ports and Airports in Spain because British politicians misled and blatantly lied it’s citizen’s most of which would change their vote if given a 2nd chance. Unless there is an amendment to the 90 days rule exempting 2nd property owners and loyal visitors to Spain in the near future we will consider selling up and moving to Portugal or France or other country who do not punish but welcome and appreciate our presence and revenue.
We hope Spains politicians will soon wake up to reality before irrevocable damage to its tourist economy occurs and lobby the EU rule makers to make an exception supporting its own people who welcome and in some cases rely on the income UK 2nd home owners provide.
Thank you
D Azen

Having read your excellent articles about the 90 day rule, and the subsequent correspondence, I wanted to say that my wife and I sold our apartment in Mallorca last year after nearly 16 years of ownership largely because we felt we could no longer enjoy our property to the full. The Brexit agreement was very poor in many respects for the United Kingdom, the 90 day rule being a prime example. Anything the Daily Bulletin can do to remedy the situation would be very welcome.

Good evening
My wife and I are very grateful to all of those who are trying to change the rule.
My sister made spain her permanent home 20 years ago and my wife and I wish to do the same in early 2025.
We had planned to do it sooner but applying for the NLVisa has stalled things.
We want to purchase a property and enjoy family life again and the pleasures of the Spanish culture.
Kind regards
Steven Denham

Dear sir
We are home owners in Tenerife and have until Brexit spent most of the winter in our home there. Now we can only go for less than 3 months at a time. This is do detrimental to our wellbeing as we both suffer from arthritis and the dry heat of Tenerife gives us so much relief from the pain we suffer in the Uk winter. I read your article with much interest and can only pray that Spain can help to resolve our problems and let us spend longer in our lovely Spanish home. Kind regards

Good afternoon,
I read your recent article regarding Spain considering allowing British property owners to be allowed to stay up to 180 days with hope.
My Husband and I purchased our property in Gran Canaria over 20 years ago. We worked hard and saved so that we could retire early and enjoy the winters in our second home. We were devastated when the UK left the EU as we had only had the opportunity to spend a few years without the worry of calculating and double checking our precious permitted 90 day stay. Together with the expense of owning a car, paying all our taxes locally and nationally, it is proving a challenge to justify keeping our apartment.
I even wrote to my conservative MP, who was very sympathetic. Unfortunately I could not say the same for Leo Docherty, Minister for Europe who was very dismissive of my case for any change.
The majority of people I speak to are totally unaware that we cannot stay any longer than 90 days in a rolling 180. Especially as Spanish people can stay in the UK for 180 days.
I really hope that the situation changes soon and everyone can start living their dream again.
Andrea Coultas

Having owned a second home in Spain for the last 8 years this rule has certainly changed our plans. We always intended once we retired which we are now to spend the English winter in Spain. This ruling has certainly put much of a stop to that! We have also looked into the Non Lucrative Visa but at our time of life is to much of a risk and is very financially restrictive. I’m unsure why Spain, like France can not amend its immigration policy to allow longer stays. This will then not impact on EU rules. We are watching France very closely and if things work out and Spain continues to drag its heels we may sell up in Spain and buy in France.
William Dawber

Dear Sir/Madam,
I own a property in Quasada 03170.
I would like the Spanish government to look into the 90days 180days rule for UK residents to come and go as often as we like. At present we don’t get the full benefit I think we should be entitled to. The weather in Spain sunshine as great benefits to the health of so many British people. Please look into changing the 90days rule.
Regards Robert Wynne

Dear editorial team Majorca Daily Bulletin
One million Brits would benefit from 90-day rule being scrapped in Spain
Further to your recent article, as suggested, I am providing information regarding the home my partner and I bought in Spain in 2005, and the effect Brexit has had on our lives.
We bought a house near Cómpeta in Málaga province after several years of visiting Spain and deciding where we would like to spend our retirement. The house needed a great deal of renovation to make it habitable. We were still working in the UK in 2005, and it took 10 years or so of our holidays, together with a lot of help from our friends and local Spanish tradespeople (who also became our friends) before we could enjoy spending our leisure time in the property. Our plan had always been to spend half the year in Spain once we retired, and the other, warmer, half of the year in our home in Somerset. We were able to enjoy doing this for a few years after we retired, until Brexit. Now we are limited to 90 days in 180. We have been coming to Spain for 3 months from September to December, and then again from March to June. However, we are now finding the extra expense of twice as many journeys as we had envisaged is too much of a financial strain, especially as we are on fixed pension incomes.
We have loved our lives in Spain. We have contributed to the local economy, paid our non-resident taxes, council tax and utility bills throughout the 18 years of owning our home, and we feel very much a part of the local community. It is with considerable sadness that we are now contemplating selling our Spanish home.
We very much hope that the Spanish government will move to change the ruling and allow us to return to our 180 days.
Best regards
Marian Mann

I see that you are asking people to email you with how post Brexit and the Schengen Visa rules have affected second home owners in Spain.
I have owned a second home in Spain for over twenty years. I enjoy living part time in Spain, though I remain resident in the U.K. for personal reasons, and never stay in Spain longer than is permitted for non-residents.
I do feel that the 90 day rule is now very restricted.
I am treated exactly the same as a one week tourist, though I have substantial commitments in Spain and pay taxes, utilities etc year round. This cannot be correct! One year I was in Spain during an horrific hail storm which did much damage to our property. Luckily, as I was there, and able to make urgent repairs. I do worry how much more damage would have been caused however had I been in the U.K. and had already used my first 90 days allowance . I would have been exiled from Spain for 90 days before i could return!
The Schengen rule also kicks me out of the whole of the Schengen area for 90 days. So I cannot fully enjoy my retirement as planned. I would dearly love to travel back to Greece or Italy, but cannot do so without lessening the time I spend at my home in Spain. But why would I want to lessen that permitted time when I am paying all those Spanish bills? The situation is ludicrous.
The Brexit agreement that was struck did not take into account many European travellers - and in my opinion, second home owners were definitely overlooked, and I think Spanish businesses are realising this when they see the decreased numbers of Brits in Winter months in particular at their establishments.
The second home owner situation needs to be resolved quickly.
Yours truly,
D. Dando

I was very interested to read your article in the Mallorca Bulletin.
I am one of those who has been very negatively affected by the 90/180 rule.
I bought a home in Tenerife in 2008. I used to live there from October through to March. Since Brexit I now spend only 90 days a year as I have little interest in returning in the hot summer months.
I feel I am classed now as a tourist, yet I have done all the ‘touristy’ things so many times. I no longer integrate and live a normal life, joining clubs, gyms etc...
I didn’t apply for TIE residency before Jan 1 2021 as I have caring commitments in the UK. At the time I was told that I needed to stay more than 6 months in Spain to retain my residency. As I could’ve do that I did not apply.
Since then the Supreme Court has changed the rules. I wish now with all my heart that I had applied for a TIE. I would then have been able to lead a normal life in my home in Spain for which I pay taxes all year round.
Malcolm Farrant

I have just read your article regarding the 90 day limit in 180.
I own a villa in Lanzarote that I bought prior to Brexit. I pay bills for the whole year, pay my taxes in Spain and basically live as a Spaniard when I am there, contributing to the economy as a resident would.
I can now only spend 90 days at my own property in every 180. This means that I cannot visit my home over the winter months as I did previously. Also, if I have to travel to other Schengen countries, be it for work or pleasure, this too is deducted from my time allowed in my own home.
The U.K. offers Spanish visitors 180 days in one go & that’s for tourists too. I’m a part time resident in Lanzarote and yet can’t visit my own home when I want to. I exercised my freedom of movement to invest capital in a property in Lanzarote and now my freedom of movement to live there has been taken away from me. Full time residents have been protected by the withdrawal agreement, but I, along with thousands of others, have been forgotten.
Jane Smith

Good Morning,
We wholeheartedly agree with and support the moves in both France and Spain to bring amendments to the current 90-day right-to-stay rule for British second homeowners. This unfortunate situation is one of many disastrous economic, cultural, and political consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, and if it can be one of the few shorter-term reversible benefits for the economies of France, Spain, and homeowners it will be a small victory but a victory nevertheless.
Jeremy & Leigh Lucas

Dear team
Having read your article regarding Spains plan to look at scrapping the 90 day rule, as a second home owner in Spain I would like to add my name to your list, should you plan to lobby the government. Thank you for what you are doing. Best wishes
Carl Mathers

As requested,this email is from the Phillips family who have been visiting Spain since 1989.
We have built our villa and purchased 3 other properties as investment over the last 25 years,we pay all the taxes to the local town halls in Javea and Moraira ( Costa Blanca).
In addition as we are the owners of a global company,we opened a company in Moraira and have employed people since January 2022. And after the first year of trading we have paid 95,000 euro corporation tax to the Spanish tax office,we are unable to get a golden visa and the 90 rule restricts our visits to build and expand the business in Spain, sadly, we will need to reconsider the company status when we are next allowed to visit Spain which will be in March 24,our last visit for 90 days ended on the 27 th Sept 2023.
We would be delighted like we have done prior to BREXIT spend 6 to 8 months in Javea Spain.
I am also a member of the Javea golf club and although pay a year's membership after purchasing a share in the club ,I can only play 90 days in every 180 days.
We, the Phillips family like a million other British home owners in Spain will be delighted to have the Spanish the French parliament scrap this 90 day rule.
Robert w Phillips
Group CEO

If one looks into the past when the United Kingdom was part of the EU, British people were allowed to travel freely, and invest into EU countries... the EU countries applauded the British for investing into their countries.
Funny enough could the statistics be shown for how many EU people invested into the UK during those times? Do the EU investors have shortened travel days against them?
So yes, I am in agreement for the travel ban to be scrapped for UK people to travel to their second homes in Spain, or any other EU countries.
Afterall why must the civilians be punished on behalf of certain forever changing political groups running a country.
It’s unbelievable to see how illegal immigrants can arrive into countries and be blessed with welcomed arms, given accommodation and financial assistance, food, medical assistance and become a financial burden on the economy, yet investors who add value are treated poorly with travel bans...
Kind regards
Boris Hales

Dear sirs,
As a home owner in the Marbella region of Spain and lover of Spain I would be so happy if the 90 day rule could be changed, I consider myself a European and deeply regret the U.K. leaving the European Union.
Yours truly
Gay Heese

I am writing to say that I would like the 90 in 180 day rule scrapped. I own a home in mainland Spain and feel that this rule severely limits the time I can spend there.
Pam Gaskell

After discussing the issue of British home owners paying tax in spain with Andrew Hesselden , Andrew suggested I emailed my point over to you , we thought you may be interested with the Schengen rules currently in the news.
Brits who own second homes in spain are different to normal holiday makers from a tax point view.
The second home owners pay two taxes in Spain as non Residents pre and post Brexit.
The taxes are Ibi tax (council tax) for local authority services such as bins ,schools , police etc and a separate non residents tax on their property. A standard Apartment in Marbella can attract over 3000 euros in tax depending on the size of the property and the local authority.
Pre Brexit , second home owners paid the above taxes and could stay in the country for up to 183 days previously without becoming a resident for other taxes. After Brexit the days allowed in the Schengen Area as a total have reduced to just 90 days in any 180 but the taxes remain the same. Some owners who travel to other Schengen countries such as France in the skiing season have even less allowable days at their Spanish second homes.
Unless Spain manages to offer second home owners in Spain something more inline with Spanish visitors to the Uk and the changes proposed in France there is a legal argument that the taxes should be reduced and backdated to reflect the services which these owners can only access during the much reduced period.
Anyone just visiting spain is exempt from paying non residents tax therefore this tax differentiates visitors and home owners , the 90/180 day campaign would welcome Spain allowing those that pay this additional tax , stays in spain of up to 180 days at any one time nor effected by time spent in other Schengen areas, this would be inline with the Spanish visitors to the Uk. These home owners can easily be identified with their NIE number issued by the local authority in spain when they purchased their property therefore the exemption should be easily implemented .
Please let me know if you can give this tax issue some coverage.
Kind Regards
Dave Richards

It is with interest I read your article today I would be very happy to extend the 90 day rule to 180 days I cannot see why this is not in place now as it is possible for EU citizens to come to UK for that time,it clearly was a negotiating mistake at the time and should rectified immediately
Irvin Grayson

Myself and my wife recently purchased a rural property in mainland Spain, a village in the Almeria region that is struggling to hold onto the younger generation. We are 38 and 34 and love our life here however we are currently only spending 6 months a year here, we both support the local businesses and economy but this all comes to an end in a matter of weeks. We are currently looking into applying for the digital nomad visa however the requirements are expensive and currently out of reach despite us both earning more than the Spainish minimum wage and owning our Spainsh property outright. We are desperate to spend the rest of our lives here but it doesn’t look likely due to a decision made by our own government.
Mark and Rebecca Owen

It is with deep regret that unless this 90 day is lifted .. We will sell our villa in Spain / La Manga .. We purchased our 1st property nearly 23 years ago and regrettably just before the Brexit we upgraded to a villa. The objective / plan was to spend more time in Spain after we both retired .. We are both now retired have a beutifull Villa but the costs associated with upkeep does not now make financial sense with this 90 day restriction .. Its with DEEP regret we will look to sell very soon unless the rules change .
Kind Regards
Paul and Joan Barke

Dear Sir or Madam
We are second home owners in Benalmadena, Southern Spain. As retired teachers we bought with the intention of coming out regularly to Spain. Sadly, the Schengen 90 day rule has significantly affected our opportunities to visit.
When we come to Spain we put a lot of money into the area at local shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
We love our time in Spain trying hard to emmerse ourselves in local events, and learning Spanish so we can integrate more successfully.
We would hugely appreciate the support of those in government in Spain supporting British second home owners, in a similar way to that of the French government, to find a way to alter the 90 day rule.
As we sit here in rainy England we would love to be in Spain, along I suspect with many other retirees, spending money and therefore boosting Spain’s economy.
Jane Dixon and Andy Wishart

I personally would like this rule to be scrapped. This would mean not having to worry about working out when I could visit my home.
Hazel Smith.

We read with great interest your article in the Daily Bulletin regarding the 90 day rule /British citizens dictated by EU.
We have been proud property owners in Calvia District for the past 9 years and absolutely love our time on the island - we enjoy inviting friends and family to join us and together we explore the island and beautiful beaches - spending euros as we go.
Within the past few week we have willingly paid our annual non - resident tax, our council tax and our community fees , however we do find it perplexing and saddening that the EU can put a restriction on our visiting. We were fully aware when we bought our property that we would be restricted to 180 days on the island due to tax reasons ( we are not residents) and this we were willing to accept, however we find it galling that we now find ourselves constantly juggling our days on the island, often at great inconvenience to ourselves, to fit into the 90 day rule. Of course the fact that this rule does not apply to EU citizens visiting the UK makes it even more annoying!
We would be most grateful if you would include this e mail when you compile your comments which you intend sending to the Balearic / Spanish authorities.

Dear Sirs
I am writing to express my disillusionment with the status quo.
I have a second home in Spain (near Alicante) and enjoy our family time there BUT...It seems an injustice to pay Padron, Suma and all the IVA, Vat etc but then NOT being allowed a full time occupancy of my own home.
I willingly contribute to the Spanish governments purse and indeed would be willing to spend more time and money but this ridiculous set of rules imposed within the Schengen pact prevents us doing so
Many of us ex-pats are discussing the options and one of them is to move elsewhere, sell-up and leave Spain completely.
I am resident in UK and not in a position to take up residencia in Spain.
I hope you can express this and similar opinions to lobby government to follow suit with France and at least an extension visa for a very large group whose income and spending power would be sorely missed.
Can Spain afford to lose us?
Yours faithfully
John and Karen Rush

Since 2017 I have been a UK owner of a second home in region of Murcia, Spain.If the 90 day rule were to be longer, my family would take the advantage of spending more time (and money) in Spain.

Terry Anderson
To whom this may concern in the Spanish Govt.
Please please push to change this rule. My husband and I put all our savings into a property in Vera Playa. Although we are pensioners we contribute to the local community in various ways and love it here. The 90 day rule means we are extremely limited regarding living in the house we own. The rule is ridiculous in my opinion.
Please change it
Anita Dixon

I would be grateful if you could pass the message on to whom it concerns about the potential for owners that have most of their life savings to buy property to spend time in warmer climates to preserve longevity in older age plus it’s so unfair as we have contributed to the country maybe they could help us out a little in return please could you send this to your local MPs .. thank you .
M Clarke


Further to your article regarding the 90 day rule I provide my comments.
I purchased my apartment on the Costa del Sol 20 years ago with the intention that when I retired I would spend the majority of my time in Spain. Due to the ridiculous decision to leave the EU based on false statements which have not transpired and left the UK in a considerably worse position I am now restricted to 90 days at a time.
Two trips a year involves me in considerable cost as I have two dogs to get there also. Money now spent on travelling to Spain and not being put into the Spanish economy. I would also like to holiday in other EU countries but then have to restrict days I can visit my apartment.
Needless to say I voted against BREXIT and would welcome a relaxation to the 90 day ruling.
Regards, Phil Thompson

To Whom It May Concern,

We own a second home in Pego, Alicante, Spain and are seriously considering selling our house due to the limitations on us set by the 90 day EU stay rule.
We try and get there at least once a year to maintain the house and enjoy a bit of the weather and shops. We spend a fair amount of money when we are there.
Unfortunately, due to the 90 day rule and the 8 days we loose due to travel there and back, we feel it is a lot to spend on such a short time.
We sincerely hope that Spain and the EU will reconsider the 90 day rule for second home owners at least.
Kind regards
Duncan and Polly MacCallum

We have been in Spain since 2004 and spent many long holidays there before Brexit.
Since then we can only get 90 days per year, as we prefer to have longer stays at our apartment in Sant Jordi.
With the rolling six months it is very difficult.
The cancellation of the 90 day rule would greatly improve our time in Spain.
Marie Raffo

To whom it may concern ..
Isn’t it about time that this Draconian rule was brought up to date.
Andy Hawes .. Spanish home owner.

Good morning, I purchased a property in Spain in 2006. I can now only visit for a 90 day maximum in 180 days, which, considering I have to pay all of my council bills, utilities bills and community fees is grossly unfair. Not withstanding the amount of income that France and Spain have lost through this ruling, to me, it goes against human rights and certainly fairness. I do think people who bought after Brexit went into it with open eyes and can’t really complain but it’s time to put Brexit behind us and move on!
That way Brits, French and Spanish people can only benefit.
Kind Regards, Alan Syddall

Dear Editor,
It is with much trepidation I write to voice my interest and appeal for the extension of the 90 day rule for us second home owners.
The dream of spending a few months together in our little abode in Sitio de Calahonda has never extended beyond a few weeks post Brexit! What a shame. Just being there makes so much of a difference to the mind, body and soul.
I hope this message helps one email at a time to break free from the 90 day shackles and the Spanish Government makes the EU see some reason - its also about money and I am sure our spending helps local economies!
Muchas gracias!
Arindam Sengupta

Dear Sirs ,
I’m send this email for you to please try and scrap the EU 90 day rule . We have a 2nd home in your veautiful country.
We have invested lots of money time and energy to enjoy the Spanish culture and it is costing 2 much money traveling back and forth.
Surly it’s in the interest of Mr Gomez and his government to try and convince the EU members to scrap the above said ruling so the English property owners have freedom to come over and spend time in their home whilst Spain benefits from the revenue the English homeowner bring whilst visiting .
Best regards
Mrs CA Wilkinson

I would like to add my name to your petition to the Spanish government.
If second home owners were allowed some kind of visa or exemption from the 90 day rule, we would spend more time in Spain thus contributing greatly to the Spanish economy. Surely thus must be in the interests of Spain as well as the second home owners.
It is such a shame that we are penalised because of brexit (due to the Schengen rules) especially as we have invested money on Spanish property. If France can create exemptions then Surely this sets a precedent for Spain to follow.
Many thanks
Mike Reed
Dear editorial team.

I would very much like it if Spain scrapped the 90 days restrictions for UK visitors.
I am 60 years old , retired and waiting to buy a place near Malaga. However the limited access is stopping me from doing so at present.
The restrictions are an obvious hold on the Spanish economy....for no reason.
Martin Leach.

We don’t have a second home in Spain but we one of the 50,000 + British motorhome owners who visit Spain every 90 days. A lot of our fellow travellers are only doing one 90 day period a year now because of the expense of travelling backwards and forwards, we are lucky and do 90 days in and 90 days out on a rotational basis but it is a pain. It would be great to have unrestricted travel but 6 months would be a start.
We bring money to the Spanish economy and the local towns, unrestricted travel would bring us to Spain for eight months, putting more of our money into your economy than our own which has to be a win win situation for you.
Please consider our request.
Kind regards
Philippa Daley

Further to your excellent report in Majorca bulletin, I would like to add my support to lobby for an amendment to the 90 day rule for British owners of Spanish property.
Kind regards
Peter Atherton

Dear sir,
I believe it is an infringement on our basic human rights not to be able to visit a property owned by an individual no matter what country it is in.
This applies whether it is for vacation purposes or for an essential repair visit.
This unfair law/rule should be scrapped immediately.
I fully support any reasonable action to scrap this law and commence legislation to allow freedom of movement between properties owned.
Take care & stay safe,
Kind Regards
Jon Mealor
Calla Viñatigo, 61
Amarilla Golf

I purchased a house in Villamartin in 2019 . My intention was to use this initially from 2025 for extended holidays when I retire. I would then consider moving permanently after a few years of retirement.
If I had known about the 80 day rule before purchasing I’m not sure I would have bought my house. My friends and family visit regularly and this is something I would like to continue.
I would support exemptions for the 90 day rule for people who have heavily invested in the Spanish economy.

I own a home in Spain and unless the rule is changed I will be selling it.

We have just bought a property in Granada and I think the 90 day rule is farcical.
We want to retire to the property soon but have to apply for a non lucrative visa. I think if you can provide evidence that you own a property in Spain then you should be able to spend more time there.
Also, our property in in a depopulated area and the village encourages new residents to improve spending to help the area. The more time we can spend there the more money we spend so helps the village.
Darrel J Goddard.

Dear Editor
As the owner of a property in Spain, with my primary residence in the UK, I would welcome a change to the current rules regarding how long I’m able to stay in Spain. I had lived outside the UK for 32 years in France and Luxembourg before returning to the UK in 2021. What I find intriguing is that a Spanish or any other EU country resident has an automatic right to stay 6 months in the UK, without a visa, but this is not reciprocated by the EU.
Regards Nigel Plumpton

To whom this may concern
To start, we voted to remain.
During my working career I travelled to Holland, France, Germany and Norway on business, the people treated us as equals and my business thrived because we traded on the same terms as we did with UK companies, I am retired, but we now know that like many fallouts of Brexit every aspect of travel, business etc is more complicated and difficult.
Our daughter moved to Spain some 11 years ago and runs a small business, because of her work she has little time to come back to England to visit us. To alleviate this problem and give us more time with her we purchased a property in 2015, prior to the end of the transition period we were able to visit many times over the years without the worry of breaking any rules.
Now as you are aware it is a totally different matter, and yes, we do monitor our days as we don’t want any problems.
We feel cheated by the British Government, (Boris and his cohorts lied to the public) they wanted this 90 day rule, we feel cheated and deprived and obviously miss our family in Spain because of this ruling.
To be able to revert back to pre Brexit conditions would be so advantageous for us and let us enjoy not only our family, but Spanish friends and other friends from around Europe whom we have met whilst being in Spain.
We trust these reasons will go towards your campaign to get the ruling changed, plus we would also like to say ‘thank you’ for your efforts.
John & Jane Portnall

I wish to support any moves to abolish this obstructive rule for Brits wishing to spend more time in Spain or have family/visitors from Britain visit their Spanish homes.
Bill Irvine

It is totally unfair for British home owners in Spain to be limited to 90 days and a homeowners visa should be introduced.
This is a punishment for Brexit but no home owner voted for Brexit but they are the only ones being punished.
If you don’t own a home you don’t care about the 90 days.
Also home owners pay a full year’s suma, community fees and also non-resident tax.
Yet they are the ones punished.
It is very wrong and hurts home owners and the Spanish economy.
Allan Keating

To whom it may concern.
In response to the article in the Daily Bulletin I would like to support the motion to scrap the 90 day limit for the British.
I have owned a property in Mallorca for more than 20 years and was planning to spend more time here in retirement. Brexit followed by the 90 day rule being applied has wrecked my retirement and I would like to see this rule changed.
Yours Sincerely.
Gordon Cox.

Dear Sir
I would like to join your petition for a rule change together with my family.
As a UK citizen with a residencial home in Spain I would very much appreciate an automatic increase in permitted stay period.
The current rule is a huge issue in limiting my families time in Spain. By increasing the permitted stay period the Spanish economy would benefit significantly.
Thank you
Kuldip Singh

Dear Sirs,
I would like to be included in lobbying the Spanish government for an end to the 90/180 rule.
I have been a second home owner in Balearics since 1985 and although I have never spent more than 180 days in any year in my villa, as I am tax resident in the UK, I find that the 90/180 rule has stopped me spending the exact weeks I wish to spend there. In 2023 I was only able to be in my villa for 140 days in total. Completely unfair as I pay all my non resident taxes as always.
A change in the rules would give me greater flexibility.
Michael Branch

Dear Sir Madan,
Would you please pass this on to the relevant authorities.
We have owned a property in Majorca since 1985.
Started with a flat in Santa Ponsa from 1985 till 2005, We spent every single school holiday there as our children were growing up.
Then in 2005 I retired early and bought a villa, again in Santa Ponsa as we love the place and the people so much.
This 90 rule just does not work as we own a villa. We can not leave a property like that for long periods of time with no one there. The garden just grows all the time and needs attended.
Our idea or retiring was that we could come and go as we please. We have a family with grandchildren both in Majorca and England.
I have a severe health condition, Leukaemia, which was diagnosed in Majorca some 11 years ago. The cost of my treatment , only one tablet a day, is so great that I get my tablets from England.
We left Majorca in October and will return in March next year. This length of time does not work and if something does not change soon then we will have to sell up in Majorca, after nearly 40 years, and return to England.
Can some one do something to change this!!!
Thanks for your time,
Charles ans Susan Foster