Calvia council came under attack.


Cyber experts at the British National Crime Agency (NCA) have successfully hit back at LockBit, the world’s most harmful cyber crime group, which last month targetted the Calvia council´s computer network and asked for a massive ransom. The computer attack literally brought the area´s council, famous for the resorts of Palmanova and Magalluf, to a standstill.

After infiltrating the group’s network, the NCA has taken control of LockBit’s services, compromising their entire criminal enterprise. LockBit have been in operation for four years and during that time, attacks utilising their ransomware were prolific. LockBit ransomware attacks targeted thousands of victims around the world, including in the United Kingdom and Mallorca, and caused losses of billions of pounds, dollars and euros, both in ransom payments and in the costs of recovery. The group provided ransomware-as-a-service to a global network of hackers or ‘affiliates’, supplying them with the tools and infrastructure required to carry out attacks.

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The NCA, working closely with the FBI, and supported by international partners from nine other countries, have been covertly investigating LockBit as part of a dedicated taskforce called Operation Cronos.

When a victim’s network was infected by LockBit’s malicious software, their data was stolen and their systems encrypted. A ransom would be demanded in cryptocurrency for the victim to decrypt their files and prevent their data from being published.