Violent clashes have flared up over the past few weekends. | Pascual Ribot


The latest wave of violent incidents that have taken place at night in Cala Rajada have sparked concern among local residents.
The fights over the past two consecutive weekends have generated widespread unease among the local community and concern among politicians.

As a result, Capdepera Council, the Local Police, the Central Government Delegation and the Guardia Civil have set up a joint coordinated taskforce to restore security in the area.
The main objective of this local meeting is to analyse the current situation, share experiences of similar cases in other parts of Mallorca, exchange information and put strict measures in place to restore law and order.

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In a council press release they wanted to make clear “the commitment of the Municipal Administration to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all and asks for the cooperation of the population in this important effort to improve public safety”.

Apart from concerns for local residents, the council wants to crackdown on the violence before the tourist season gets underway for the security of visitors and the area's image and reputation.