British police on the beat in Magalluf. | A. Sepulveda


The National Police have brought forward the security plan for Palma by a month and this Tuesday more police officers are due to arrive from Valencia, with the aim of reinforcing different police stations in the Balearics due to the early arrival of tourists, along with officers from overseas such as the UK. The head of the citizen security brigade, Fernando Corchero, said today, Monday, that there has been no increase in the number of thefts reported in the city compared to the same period in 2023, which “does not mean that there have not been more thefts. What we do know is that they do not report more for fear of reprisals”.

The extra police’ s main plan of action is in to ensure security in shopping areas of the islands with the start of the high tourist season, the small traders’ association Pimem reported in a note. Both the police and the employers’ associations have encouraged victims of theft to report it, as this is the only way to have proof of the crime and act accordingly. In the case of Playa de Palma, the National Police has stated that this summer there is more security than last year, also due to the greater influx of tourists.

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In the case of Palma, the focus of vigilance is on the centre, such as Sindicat, Oms, Jaume II, Sant Miquel and Colom streets, and in the municipality’s large shopping centres. Regarding the possible collaboration with other European police, Corchero has informed that the presence of German and Dutch police is expected in Palma, and British police are expected to be deployed to Calvia, and other police such as the Italian or French will be deployed in municipalities where there is a greater presence of tourists of these nationalities.

The head of citizen participation, police officer Federico Chacón, has assured that once again this year, practical advice on how to act will be sent to all businesses. The Guide to Safe Commerce refers to prioritising electronic means of payment, how and where to collect money and advice on surveillance during business hours, among many other tips. The representatives of PIMEM-Comerç and PIMECO, Miquel Àngel Salvà and Joan Riera, have assured that the increase in the number of robberies this past May has raised concern among small establishments in Palma, who have welcomed the police security campaign.

In 2015, two British police officers spent two weeks assisting the Local Police in Magalluf and Sant Antoni, Ibiza as part of a trial run, but it was never repeated.The British Ambassador to Spain at the time , Simon Manley, said: “The presence of UK police officers will help to remind British holidaymakers of the importance of respecting local laws and customs, ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, free from trouble and crime.”