A warning to the Mallorca tourist industry; the anti-tourism protests are putting tourists off from coming on holiday to the island. A poll on our website, launched on Monday evening and still ongoing, suggest that 55 percent of those who voted are thinking twice about booking a holiday to Mallorca following protests over mass tourism and the lack of affordable housing.

So far more than 1,000 people have voted with 45 percent saying that despite the protests they still would be coming on holiday to the island. But it appears that the demonstrations are having an impact which will cause concern to tourism bosses.

More protests are being planned at the moment but the local authorities are quick to point out that tourists are more than welcome. However, they do say that there is a need to limit the number of tourists as a result of overcrowding.

There is concern within the local tourist industry that the demonstrators are "playing with fire" and they have been warned "be careful what you wish for." A drop in tourism will hit the local economy as much of the island´s wealth comes from tourism.

Britain is the second tourist market for Mallorca after the Germans. Some resorts have reported that there are "unusually quiet" this year for the time of the year.