Plenty of fun in the sun in Magalluf this summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


While the anti mass tourism and overcrowding movement gathers momentum in Mallorca, it appears that a number of British holidaymakers have other plans on their minds. According to new research from, Britons consider Magalluf as the top destination for a secret holiday romance and nocturnal activity is set to peak on Friday, July 22, dubbed ‘Frisky Friday’, which is apparently the day your other half is most likely to cheat on you, according a study conducted by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people.

The website polled 2,000 of its members on the cheating potential of 10 of Europe's most popular holiday destinations, ranking them from best to worst. Magalluf is followed by Benidorm and the Greek island of Zante. Jessica Leoni, a relationships expert from Illicit Encounters told the Daily Star: "Alcohol, sun, and the sense of freedom you get from being in a different place are the perfect storm when it comes to a holiday fling. Proximity is a major reason people cheat whilst abroad. If you're thousands of miles away from your partner, it's inevitable there is a heightened belief that you can get away with it.

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"Being abroad and out of the daily grind also means people feel freer and that can fuel cheating. Magalluf has been famed for its boozed-fuelled breaks for decades, and its popularity with stag and hen dos is another reason it is still considered a mecca for cheating. "Meeting fellow big groups on holiday where alcohol is flowing is the perfect combination for flirting which can easily lead to intimacy with a random lover."

Whats is more, holiday romances have the quickest ‘conversion rate’ on the dating scene with sex happening on the second date – twice as fast as if the couple meet at home, according to a new survey. Couples go on an average of four dates before sleeping together – but the quickest ‘conversion rate’ for sex is when you meet someone on holiday, according to a new survey.

Holiday-makers have sex on average on their second date – twice as fast as if they met each other at home. The second fastest conversion rate is if you meet a potential partner in a nightclub or bar – with sex happening after 2.2 dates. The third fastest way of having sex is by meeting someone on a dating website or app – with relationships consummated after 2.5 dates.