Growing number of councils are introducting water restrictions. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Four municipalities in Mallorca have decided to limit water consumption over the past few days, while another two have published recommendations asking to limit its use due to the drought situation and the decrease of reserves in the reservoirs combined with a peak of excessive consumption.

Algaida, Montuïri, Porreres and Lloret de Vistalegre have agreed to a limit of 150 litres per person per day. In addition, Ariany and Costitx have published notices asking to limit consumption.

The measure has been adopted in coordination between the eleven municipalities of the Mancomunidad del Pla (Algaida, Ariany, Costitx, Lloret de Vistalegre, Llubí, Maria de la Salut, Montuïri, Petra, Porreres, Santa Eugènia, Sant Joan, Sencelles, Sineu and Vilafranca de Bonany) that form part of the water consortium, after detecting an increase in demand that is partly related to the muddy rain that fell on Mallorca in June - in addition to the increase in population in recent years.

The municipalities are calling for restraint in the use of drinking water to refilling swimming pools, watering gardens and orchards, cleaning terraces, cars and other elements and “avoid any use that is dispensable, unnecessary or superfluous”. Montuïri is one of the most affected municipalities. As the mayor, Paula Amengual, explained they have needed to bring water in by tanker for years, but in recent years the flow of vehicles has intensified and is now daily and constant.

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“If we compare June this year with 2023, there is a difference. The company that manages the water has told us that consumption in a couple of months has increased a lot and that the situation is critical. The consumption figures are very high”, explained the mayor of Montuïri, who warned: “We have to put the brakes on now, because if not, we will have to cut back”.

Amengual warns that in the case of Montuïri, due to the characteristics of its reservoir, it is not possible to reduce the pressure as in other towns. This year Porreres has already had to bring in tankers from private wells to ensure that the municipal reservoir has sufficient volume. “If consumption remains as high as it was last week, there will be no choice but to lower the pressure,” said the mayor, who also links the peak to the filling of plastic pools.

Other municipalities in Mallorca have also set limits on water consumption this year, such as Banyalbufar, Artà and Estellencs. In May, the latter banned the use of drinking water for filling swimming pools, watering allotments and gardens - especially lawns and trees - cleaning terraces, cars and façades, and any aesthetic use, such as ornamental fountains.

Estellencs established a limit of 100 litres per inhabitant per day and tourist establishment, warning that non-compliance could lead to supply restrictions and the sealing of the meter. Non-compliance can lead to supply restrictions and the sealing of the meter.

Artà also approved, in June, prohibitions for the villages of S’Estanyol, Montferrutx and Colònia de Sant Pere, with the Local Police being responsible for surveillance, with the power to impose sanctions in the event of non-compliance. The town also suspended authorisations and licences for the construction of swimming pools, installations or water tanks for recreational purposes for a maximum of one year. Meanwhile, work has begun on the drilling of a new well in Colònia.