Save money by eating, washing and changing in a fast food outlet. | estherpinos


The domestic market is hailed as the largest for tourists heading to Mallorca and the rest of the Balearics in general, but it appears that, in order to get round expensive hotels and restaurants, a couple of savvy women have shown on TikTok how to party in Mallorca and save a small fortune.

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Esther Pinos shared a video on her TikTok account, @estherpinos_, explaining how she and a friend flew from the mainland to Palma and rented a car which they kept their their clothes and sleep in. To overcome the lack of toilet facilities in their car, they ate at a fast food outlet where they also used the toilets to change and wash.

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In one segment of Esther’s TikTok video, she is seen straightening her hair using a plug socket located next to their dining table. The video caption, translated from Spanish to English, read: “POV: You go to Mallorca to party without booking a hotel and use Burger King loos to get ready.”

So, this brings a new edge to the debate of having fewer tourists which spend more in Mallorca, the great dream of the local authorities. While restaurants in Mallorca continue to complain about takings falling this year, perhaps the industry needs to take a look at how its domestic market is performing.

Over the past few years a number of British influencers have pulled off similar stunts of how to enjoy a 24-trip to Mallorca and the likes, but none have gone this far. That said, for many people, especially the younger generation heading to Mallorca from the mainland, they are going to find it extremely expensive, especially if they don't come from the big cities.