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A medical worker in a protective suit


Health workers hard hit as Spain's coronavirus cases rise

Two other ministers and the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez have also tested positive for the coronavirus over the past weeks.

Reuters23/03/2020 14:23

Nursing staff


The Balearics need 3,500 more nurses

"No political party has dared to legislate in order to deal with this. The years go by and no action is taken."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/10/2019 04:01

Archive image of protest by healthcare workers


Firmer action demanded against health worker attacks

Health workers, whose job it is to care for people, should not have to accept the risk of being exposed to attacks.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/08/2019 04:01


Flu in Balearics well below national average

Some 96 cases per 100,000 inhabitants have been typical in the Balearics.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/03/2016 00:00


Contingency plan being introduced for overstretched hospitals

Concerns that hospitals will not be able to cope with a winter flu epidemic because of the current situation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/01/2016 00:00


Second rapid intervention health unit for Palma

With the addition of this unit, strain on medical staff at health centres is lifted.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter08/12/2015 00:00