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Izzy Newman


"I feel grateful every day"

You may well have enjoyed Izzy’s performances at one of the hotels in the SW that she has sung in this summer, but you may also have caught presenting on the local radio, or seen her as an extra in the Mallorca Files, or enjoyed her hosting skills at numerous fundraisers for charities as she is very generous with her time.

Vicki McLeod26/09/2022 15:31

Izzy Newman on the day of the Queen's funeral in Windsor.


“The whole of Britain should be bursting with pride. I was so pleased she died at home with her close family...”

“I think Charles will make a very good king, and we’ve got the next generation to look forward to. So, despite the great sadness of what has happened, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.”

Humphrey Carter23/09/2022 10:58

Izzy Newman was in Episode 1: Honour Amongst Thieves


The Mallorca Files Ep6: To Kill A Stag

When a groom is killed on his stag, Max and Miranda are wedded to finding out why he died.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter02/12/2019 13:12