Etiqueta 'Microplastics in Majorca'
Plastic waste in the sea


A big step towards waste reduction

Last Saturday 20 March, and after a long delay due to COVID and legal barriers, the gradual phase out the use of single-use plastics came into force.

Marilles Foundation26/03/2021 05:32

Volunteers to protect the coastline

Volunteers to protect the coastline

Volunteers to protect the coastline.

Marilles Foundation 05/03/2021

Stronger together: Students from IES Pau Casesnoves.


The changemakers ‘junior’ Project is coming soon!

The annual Changemakers Project for younger students will be piloted this spring and comes with a lot of surprises!

Marilles Foundation05/02/2021 12:49

Separating microplastics


The power of Citizens’ Science

This week, GEN-GOB´s sister organisations GOB Menorca and GOB Mallorca have joined the initiative, enlarging the sampling potential across all the Balearic Islands.

Marilles Foundation29/01/2021 09:35