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How to keep your pets cool

The Carlos III Health Institute estimates that more than 2,100 people died of heat stroke in Spain in July. There is no equivalent data for animals, but it is essential that we protect our pets from extreme heat, and to do so, taking care of their hydration is fundamental.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/08/2022 10:46

18 year old Canela, Oldie of the Year

18 year old Canela, Oldie of the Year

18 year old Canela, Oldie of the Year.

Caroline Fuller 07/12/2020

Brian snoozing


Cute Pets of Mallorca

Find out from Joachim Sommer why we need to be a bit careful when playing with our dogs, Cooper has been to the beach again but where gets 4 out of 5? We introduce three cute pets and have loving words in memory of Louie the Great.

Caroline Fuller21/11/2020 12:06

Look at this beach isnt it brilliant!


Travelling Pets

Pets review of air travel, Cooper enjoys another beach, Joachim gives us more training tips and we say goodbye to a very dear soul Pau.

Caroline Fuller15/11/2020 08:15