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Reading Books

Reading Books

Reading Books.

Julie Holdsworth 10/03/2021

Reading Books


Reading for pleasure puts children ahead in the classroom

Writers, storytellers, parents, teachers and governments should remember that literacy must first and foremost be enjoyed if we are to engage our most reluctant readers.

Julie Holdsworth10/03/2021 13:49

police stopping or slowing down traffic at junctions


Cops and curfews: Plus - Reading and raining!

Hard to believe I know, but it has been almost exactly one year since this pandemic caused the first lockdown to be instigated.

Frank Leavers09/03/2021 15:46




Julie Holdsworth 10/12/2020



Reading is for life not just Christmas

Julie Holdsworth on the importance of resting to recharge batteries and a bit of academic activity for this Christmas holiday.

Julie Holdsworth10/12/2020 16:57

Reading books

Frank Talking

Read all about it!

Women can tend towards romance and occasional breathless prose - men, on the other hand, seem to like a bit of blood & guts and masculine authority, which is a bit of a worry on a number of different levels if you ask me.

Frank Leavers20/09/2019 11:14