News of the day 1 January 2023
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New Year in Palma, Mallorca

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Mallorca sees in the New Year

Palma town hall didn't arrange events, but other town halls did.

Andrew Ede

Maritime Safety Agency boat, Mallorca

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Five times more migrants last year than in 2019

Repatriation to Algeria has been complicated by a diplomatic row.

Andrew Ede

La Elegancia in Palma Mallorca, which closed in 2022

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Three 'emblematic' shops closed in 2022

The government's catalogue currently lists 254 emblematic shops.

Andrew Ede

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Highs in the Balearics on January 1, 2023


Monday's weather in Mallorca

Very still conditions; sunny but mist and fog likely.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Rafa Nadal during the United Cup match against Cameron Norrie

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Nadal tired of questions about retirement

Nadal lost to Cameron Norrie and was asked about retirement.

Andrew Ede

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