Cannelloni of oxtail stewed in red wine. | Cantina Panzà

Fernando Arellano and Javier Gardonio, owners of the restaurant Cantina Panza, present the menu they have prepared for the promotion ‘Kitchens and Cooks with Passion’, which invites you to sample the creations of the most outstanding chefs in Majorca. Their menu is an authentic journey through essential dishes of regional gastronomy, slow and laborious cooking recovered by the restaurant under its motto ‘Cooking from memory’, which the chefs pass through the technical and creative sieve of haute cuisine.

‘Torrenzo Panza’, tender, crispy and lightly smoked

The meal begins with a display of appetisers topped with aioli and bread, a variety of molletes made with extra virgin olive oil with DO ‘Oli de Mallorca’ that the restaurant kneads and bakes every day, ideal to wash down the last of the spoon dishes and stews that are the house’s trademark. They are accompanied by Zaranda classics such as the ‘Torrenzo Panza’ - confit and smoked, extremely smooth - and the home-made pate with Quelys, based on poultry livers and foie gras, with a brilliant touch of onion confit and port.

palma. gastronomia. Un viaje sensorial por la alta cocina de la memoria.

Rounding off this stage is the ‘Bienmesabe de Gaton Mallorquin’, morsels of this fish filleted and marinated in a marinade that includes paprika, vinegar, oregano and wine, served with Padron peppers, a dish evocative of the cuisine of Andalusia, where the marinade is applied to dogfish.

palma. gastronomia. Un viaje sensorial por la alta cocina de la memoria.

The starter transports the diner to Valencian lands with the ‘All i pebre’ of octopus, a dense and fine soup prepared with the cooking broth of the cephalopod, ñora pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and garlic, among other ingredients. It is served with potato mousseline, pieces of stewed octopus and bread croutons. The two main courses follow: the Zurukutuna of cod, a comforting Basque soup enriched with a small piece of fish and a poached egg; and the spectacular Cannelloni of oxtail braised in aged wine, home-made pasta, accompanied by a light mash of Jerusalem artichoke, a root vegetable native to South America.

palma. gastronomia. Un viaje sensorial por la alta cocina de la memoria.

Dessert brings the fireworks to the banquet with the Rum Baba with Jungla rum to share. This is a Neapolitan sweet with a complex, light dough that quadruples in volume during baking. The ethereal baba is served soaked in Jungla rum and served at room temperature, topped with a soft vanilla whipped cream and nuts.

A unique opportunity to taste dishes that are no longer prepared at home, but which continue to form part of the collective imaginary recipe book. Flavours in danger of extinction that require large doses of time and affection, something that Cantina Panza never skimps on.

The menu includes Font Major water, Rosa Blanca beer and, after dessert, an Arabay coffee.