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Bite sized.


Bite into November

"Another snack that is unique to Palma is the llonguet, a small oval bread roll easily recognisable by the deep crack running down the middle...."

Andrew EdeAndrew Valente31/10/2021 12:25

Some great fresh fish.


Summer time and you can sea it for yourself

"Majorcan restaurant cooks like to work with tuna and swordfish..."

Andrew EdeAndrew Valente31/10/2021 11:43

Frito mallorquin.


May you have a wonderful time

"A colourful dish that pleases the eye and the palate"

Andrew EdeAndrew Valente31/10/2021 11:15

Carnaval time on Majorca.


Carnival time but these winter dishes need no dressing up

"The combination of tongue and capers is an inspired one...."

Andrew EdeAndrew Valente31/10/2021 10:46

The espinagada...delicious.


Start the year with some great food and colourful events

"There are two very popular Sa Pobla dishes are eaten during the Sant Antoni celebration."

Andrew ValenteAndrew Ede31/10/2021 10:29

Majorcan artichokes


Majorca marches on with great events and great food

"The stock is drained off, small pasta is added and it is served as a soup."

Andrew EdeAndrew Valente27/10/2021 10:55