The problem of pirate taxis flares up every summer at Palma airport. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Travelling continues to get increasingly complicated.
From navigating the 90-day rule, holiday invitation, making sure British passports comply with validity requisites and the looming ETIAS Schengen travel visa, it all takes some of the fun out of going on holiday and now the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning regarding the use of airport taxis.

The latest travel advice from the FCO is: “Only use official registered or licensed taxis, or reputable transport companies you recognise. Licensing regulations differ across Spain and in certain cities pre-booking is required.

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Passengers caught using unlicensed taxi services are liable for fines of up to 600 Euros. Make sure you book your taxi or airport transfer through a licensed firm.”

Spanish law requires all taxis to be registered and has strict rules for taxis and private hire firms. But it’s not just unregistered drivers who could get in trouble with the Spanish authorities if caught - passengers using these services can also be fined and the issue of pirate taxis operating at Palma airport blows up every summer with extra police having to be stationed at the taxi ranks to ensure that the rules and regulations are being complied with.
So, you have been warned.