Airport chaos could be much worse. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Airport chaos, airline strikes, flights cancellations and delays are making travel a nightmare for many in Europe but it is not as bad as it would appear.

According to leading aviation data provider Cirium, only two per cent of the entire flight schedule for Europe in August has been cancelled.

Airlines all over the world have cancelled more than 25,000 flights from their flight schedules for August, with around 60 per cent of them in Europe.

The most recent data provided by Cirium shows that currently, Europe is the most affected area.
Up until now, a total of 15,788 flights that were scheduled to fly in August have been cancelled in Europe.

However, even though this is a high number of flight cancellations, it represents only two per cent of the entire flight schedule for Europe in August.

According to Cirium, the largest number of flights for August have been cancelled by Turkish Airlines.
The latter cancelled 4,408 take-offs last week alone, reported.

Turkish Airlines is followed by British Airways with 3,600 cancelled flights, easyJet with 2,045 cancelled flights, Lufthansa with 1,888 cancelled flights, and Wizz Air with 1,256 cancelled flights.