Mallorca's famous ensaimada. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mallorcan politician Jaume Alzamora is furious that ensaimadas are being considered as extra baggage when travelling by plane and that passengers are being charged up to 50 euros extra to take them on board.

Alzamora said today that his party Més has sent a letter to both the Spanish airports authority Aena and Ryanair to demand a rectification and to ensure that ensaimadas are not considered as additional baggage.

He said that Aena does “business” with the concession of commercial establishments inside the airport, “often with companies from outside Mallorca”, which, he said, brings in revenue of “400 million”.

“Més has sent a letter to Aena and Ryanair to allow Mallorcan products bought outside the airport to be carried without restrictions or extra costs for tourists, because the aim is to defend Mallorcan products made in Mallorcan bakeries and pastry shops,” he said.