Corendon is the first airline in Europe to offer adult-only zones. | Picasa

Corendon, which operates flights between Germany and Mallorca, is the first European carrier to offer adult only flights, following the lead of some international carriers like AirAsia.

Turkish-owned Corendon Airlines has just announced it is introducing child-free zones on one of its routes.

The so-called ‘Only Adult’ zone will be accessible to passengers over the age of 16.

The child-free area will be located at the front of the plane and will have 93 seats reserved for travellers over the age of 16.

The zone will be separated from the rest of the plane by walls and curtains.

To purchase a seat in the Only Adult area, passengers will need to pay an extra €45 one way.

Corendon founder Atilay Uslu said the child-free zone aims to “accommodate travellers looking for extra peace during their flight.”

Uslu says it also means parents travelling with children can feel less concerned about disturbing other passengers.

“They can enjoy the fight without worrying if their children make a little noise,” he said.

Corendon already offers adult-only hotels in number of destinations including Curaçao, Bodrum and Ibiza.