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The older I get, the more I enjoy reading


Read all about it - if you love books!

I read recently that it is becoming more and more difficult to entice children into reading as there are so many competing elements in modern living that take precedent it seems over books and reading once the kids get beyond six or seven years of age.

Frank Leavers13/10/2023 13:03

Alek & Sophie by Baal

Alek & Sophie by Baal

It is a surrealist work with a plastic and pictorial magic created thanks to objects, dance, the relationship with technology and the participation of the audience. A "utopia of proximity" through a shared space designed above all for children.

Youtube: MGM Marta-Guzmán-Management 05/10/2023

Self-checkouts in Palma


Self-checkouts in Palma

I find them a totally dehumanising experience, and something inevitably goes wrong when using them.

Anna Nicholas15/09/2023 16:26

Father and son builiding a sand castle.


Its Summer Time: Some Parenting Tips

Having children is a big responsibility and most of the time we live for them because our daily schedule and other important decisions are centred on them.

Revd. Ishanesu Gusha26/06/2022 08:30

Alcudia's Plaça de Toros.


Alcudia bullfight to have children's area to keep them out of the bullring

Alcudia's mayor strongly denies that the town hall didn't fine the promoter for admitting minors to the bullfight last year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/07/2016 00:00