One of the seaplanes already in operation. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ports Authority has ruled that the test flights the Isla Air Express airline seaplanes between Ibiza and Mallorca will not be able to take place on November 9 and 10 as planned because APB will not authorise them because there is no favourable report from the Harbour Master's Office in Ibiza.

Apparently, there is a lack of the necessary documents for the green light to be granted from Palma.
Isla Air Express’s project is to obtain the necessary permits to connect the Balearics islands with the Spanish mainland.

Isla Air Express, a Balearic company that has been working for several years to obtain permits to link the Balearics with each other using seaplane flights, had announced that it would be making test flights on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November between the ports of Palma and Ibiza.

Isla Air Express is a Balearic company that has been processing the relevant authorisations for five years to obtain permits to fly seaplanes between the ports of the Balearics capitals and the mainland.

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“The investments made in this project already exceed eight million euros between studies, acquisition of aircraft, authorisations and various formalities.

“We believe that this is a strategic investment for our islands, in the sense that, by reintroducing this type of flight, we are once again presenting ourselves as a leading destination in the Mediterranean in terms of services to the public and tourist initiatives, as well as offering alternative means of transport which, as you are well aware, are never sufficient in our case.

“It is a project of national and international projection for the territory that hosts it,” the company said in a statement. Isla Air Express is a company created by aviation professionals, with demonstrable experience of operating commercial seaplane flights in different parts of the world, with the objective of developing this form of transport in Spain.

The Balearics provide the ideal environment for this kind of operation.
The mild climate and the surrounding waters are the perfect environment in which to operate all year round, providing benefits for both the general population, in the form of access to a novel new type of transport, and for tourism, by equipping the tourist industry with a high quality product that brings added value to the sector, it states on its website.