It is such a shame that the more problematic resorts such as Magalluf and the Playa de Palma get all the publicity, mostly bad, when there are so many other areas of the island that are both scenic and trouble free. Last week I was sitting on the beach at Puerto Deya admiring the beautiful coastline with a 200 million pound super yacht in sight, and tourists of all nationalities had joined the locals for a day on the beach. It was an idyllic setting which reminded me once again how lucky we are to live on the island. Now, the beachside bar and restaurant could have easily charged heavily for their drinks and food: after all if you can afford a super-yacht you can afford to pay for your drinks! But no, not only was the setting second to none I was amazed at the prices. Lunch with a bottle of wine cost less than 40 euros, not bad when you consider that I was sitting at a table with a picture postcard view. I sometimes think that these sorts of places are the best kept secret on the island, they do not appear in the travel guides and simply exist by word of mouth. I came to the conclusion that the beauty of Majorca is that it has something for all, from the bright lights of Magalluf to the beauty of Pollensa and Deya. There may be some serious faults with our principal industry but there are many gems to be discovered on Majorca, and Cala Deya is one of them, but keep it to yourself, wink, wink! The beauty of this area is astounding; you will not be disappointed.