I have always maintained that if sterling is strong Majorca prospers. This is certainly the case this summer with record numbers of tourists spending a record sum. In fact, the British have become the big spenders in Majorca, helping local department stores and shops rid themselves of the recessionary blues. So, before the Balearic government gets too carried away with their promotion campaign all they need to do is watch the foreign currency markets. "Your pound now goes further in Majorca" would have been my top slogan this year: far better than "Majorca has everything." The only downside is that British goods exported to Majorca now cost more, such as luxury yachts. British yacht builders, along with all other British exporters, are suffering as a result of the strength of sterling. But everyone else is laughing all the way to the bank. So the good times appear to have returned. Majorca needs to keep its fingers crossed that sterling will continue to remain strong against the euro.