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Killer whales continue to pose a threat to vessels.

Killer whales continue to pose a threat to vessels.

Killer whales continue to pose a threat to vessels.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 21/03/2024

My biggest advice to any crew, new or old would be to make the most of every experience

Ship to Shore in Mallorca

Navigating the seas and shores: A yacht chief mate's journey in Mallorca

Meet British Chief Mate Sam Dacombe who has been based in Mallorca working on MY C-Side, a 35m Feadship built in 1972 since 2020.

Erica Lay22/12/2023 10:05

View of Palma's port with several yachts

Crew focus in Mallorca

I want to work on a superyacht. How do I get my first yacht job? Part One

The best time to get here is March to May. That’s when the majority of yachts who’ve wintered here will start looking for their summer crew...

Erica Lay15/12/2023 12:07

The Rising Sun, tops the list.

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Mallorca is home-from-home for the top five super yachts

"It is exciting to see just how luxurious and spectacular the yachts owned by some of the most famous people in the world are..."

Jason Moore22/09/2023 16:12

Anna Boulton working on one of her spectacular oil paintings in her studio.


Swashbuckling artist drops anchor in Palma

“I want people to look at a yacht I’ve painted crashing through a wave and think ‘Wow, I want to be on that boat!’.”

Humphrey Carter13/07/2023 11:56

Living on a yacht

Living on a yacht

So being considerate to their needs and respecting their space and boundaries is super important!

Andreas John 27/04/2023

Boat Show

Full sail ahead for Palma Boat show

The Palma International Boat Show includes the Palma Superyacht Village, for the sale and rental of boats over 24 metres in length

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/04/2022 17:01

Super yachts


Superyachts in the Bay of Palma

Palma Bay, where the world's finest yachts and ships are to be seen.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/07/2019 09:33

Why aren't yachts subject to the tourist tax?

Tourist tax

Unions back tourist tax rise

The CCOO and the UGT don't believe the rise in tourist tax will be harmful, but the UGT is wondering why the tax isn't applied to yachts.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/09/2017 00:00

There is to be a register of bona fide yacht charter companies operating in the Balearics.


Government to stop illegal yacht charters in the Balearics

At times over the past few years 60 per cent of yachts being chartered out in Balearic waters were being done so illegally.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/06/2016 00:00


Majorca and a strong pound

"If sterling is strong then Majorca will continue to prosper..."

Jason Moore29/08/2015 00:00