Back in the days when everyone believed in Majorca as an all-year-round holiday destination, a large number of hotels in the popular resorts would offer Christmas deals. In fact, apart from tourists even local residents would enjoy Christmas meals at local hotels. I am afraid this has all but disappeared, and you can count on a single hand the number of hotels which open their doors over the festive period.

This is a great shame because there is much to be enjoyed over Christmas on the island from parades to concerts and markets. I am sure that if the necessary effort was made "Christmas in Majorca" could become a popular attraction once again. If hotels open, then bars and restaurants would follow and all of a sudden you have got a small revival in the resorts. I am not saying that the Christmas tourism drive could rival peak season but I am sure that it is a market which could be worth exploring, especially in Palma where all hotels are open and there is plenty of festive feel.

I think there is a danger that Majorca could just sit back and fail to explore other avenues which could bring much needed revenue to the island during the low season. Palma's council is promising a magical festive period in the city with the Christmas lights and markets. It is such a shame that this can't be enjoyed by winter tourists as well. This island has so much potential but it needs to be exploited throughout the year and not just during the peak summer months.


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S. / Hace over 5 years

"Barceló said that this tourism brings wealth to the Balearics, nevertheless adding that there is work to be done in order to bring more tourists in the winter." Sr. Barcelo is totally right to state more Winter Tourism is needed. More Attractions, More Hotels open,More flights,Special discounted prices, like half price on everything, during very low season periods etc. But there is a "Chicken and Egg " situation. If the Hotels are closed. Then the Winter Demand is not occurring.There will be no demand for Flights.Why is it always Palma should be the attraction?. When the rest of the Island is closed. Most Urbanisations are " Ghost Towns "..A very special discount period should be a priority, to be advertised in all areas of Europe. But the previously mentioned conditions must be applied first, before Tourists will come during the Low Season.