Will life ever be the same after the coronavirus? Thousands of people across Majorca are now working from home. Thanks to technology you don´t really have to be in the office any longer and the coronavirus lockdown has shown this state of affairs clearly.

Some employees and some companies were opposed to working from home but the coronavirus changed all this; to stay in business staff had to work from home and it is working.

So once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted will people return to their offices as normal? I doubt it. Obviously some will but the whole lockdown situation has underlined the fact that for office workers it is not vital that they are all together in an office.

The same goes for internet shopping. Obviously, it existed before the coronavirus lockdown but now it has become a lifeline for many. People who were not accustomed to buying items online have been forced to learn. So will they all go back to going to the supermarket or shops when they can do it from the comfort of their living room via the internet? I doubt it, again.

Even when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted and life goes back to some normality I sincerely doubt that at least, initially, people will go back to their normal shopping and working practices. Times have changed, whether for better or worst.

The technology revolution has arrived and it was all thanks to necessity rather than the wishes of many.