There isn't much good news about at the moment but I will say that everyone does appear to be in remarkably good spirits despite the lockdown in Spain.

Britain should also be rather proud of the way people have come together in this time of crisis. The British government asked for 250,000 volunteers to help the National Health Service...they got more than 500,000 applications; more than 20,000 former NHS staff have gone back to their old jobs returning from as far afield as Australia; British industry has come together and is designing and manufacturing vitally needed equipment for the health service. This from a country which was said to be split by Brexit.

Before the coronavirus the new government of Boris Johnson often talked about “one nation politics.” Britain wasn't one-nation; -it was a group of countries which were divided by Brexit and the future. But in the depths of despair the country does appear to have come together and there does appear to be an element of the Dunkirk or even Bulldog spirit.

The NHS staff are those on the frontline and their hardwork and dedication is being supported by all. The speed in which industry has come together to help the NHS also deserves praise and so do all the volunteers. These are rather nasty and worrying times but perhaps in years to come we will look back on 2020 as the year when people came together to fight for a common goal; to stem and end the coronavirus.