I suppose like everyone else I was in shock when the lockdown in Spain was first announced...and to some extent I am one of the 'lucky ones," I could leave my home and go to work.

Even now that the government has all but paralysed Spain in its effort to bring the virus under control I am still at my desk and have rather escaped the confinement which has been endured by many. The shock of not being able to go out for a coffee mid-morning or do some window shopping at lunchtime or even an evening beer after work did knock me for six initially. But, I suppose you get accustomed to everything.

I have exchanged my early morning coffee for a take-out from a man wearing masks and gloves, my lunch is at my desk and the evening beer will come soon, I hope. It's not a real hardship. My daughter has left the house only twice in the last three weeks and full marks to her, she is growing accustomed to her new life; school work is done at home and there is a weekly video conference call from her teacher. It is a new world.

The main topic of conversation from most people at the moment is what they are going to do when the confinement comes to an end. I will certainly cherish my morning coffee in the bar and my trips down the high street and that sense of freedom. But for the time being we have to make sacrifices and in my case they are very limited ones. The people who have stayed home for the last three weeks are the ones who deserve praise and lots of it.