At least 50 percent of local hotels will not be opening this summer. This gives a clear insight into the impact of the coronavirus on the vitally important tourist industry. It also shows that the Balearic government and the tourist industry have got a battle on their hands after lockdown.

Tour firms have their summer programmes on hold until at least June, so with any luck the island will be able to salvage the peak season but with limited hotels open.

The government both locally and in Madrid are going to have to put their money where there mouth is because thousands of hotel staff will be without a job this summer. Fewer tourists means less revenue for the local economy. I sincerely hope that the Balearic government has a war chest loaded with cash because it is certainly going to be needed.

Perhaps, this year winter tourism could be given a major push because the revenue will be needed. As I have said before in this space the local authorities and the tourist industry have to be ready when the coronavirus lockdown ends to swing into action and start trying to attract tourists to the island. This is not going to be an easy task. Every holiday resort in the world is in the same boat.

Perhaps, the tourist tax could be abolished for this year? The government are also going to have to spend heavily on promotion. If the tourist season is to be partly saved then it is a question of everyone working with the same purpose and as a team.