The Spanish have been very diplomatic and rather nice. They have also attempted to duck the question and not rub salt into the wound but it is clear that at the moment (early June) Spain doesn´t really want British tourism.

Obviously it does for a variety of reasons but Britain has still not come to grips with the coronavirus and the death toll has now passed the 50,000 mark. Once the situation is brought under control, the British will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, when asked about British tourism recently, tried to duck the question and said that the thoughts of the Spanish people were with the British in this very difficult time. Britain went into lockdown later than Spain and while most other European countries appear to be pulling clear of the virus Britain is still struggling.

I don´t think the British government has behaved appropriately has been a queston of mixed messages from the start. Now, the so-called safe air corridors could help the British come to their favourite holiday destination and I suspect that the Spanish and British governments are doing their best so that British citizens can enjoy a safe holiday in Spain. In the case of the Balearics there will be some tourism this month, probably German and Scandinavian but the British won´t come until July. Britain and Spain maintain a closeand healthy relationship but at the moment this relationship is at a safe distance.