Can you get immune to bad news? Is this the new normal? This week Britain's biggest travel company, Jet2, announced that they had scrapped any attempt to fly tourists to Majorca this year. Under normal circumstances, this is a devastating story, probably one of the biggest in the history of tourism on the island. TUI have announced similar action.

Also, this week the city council announced that Palma beaches would be closed at night and the Balearic government announced that smoking is banned almost everywhere. To be honest you have to pinch yourself just to make sure that you are not living a nightmare. But this is the new normal. And to be perfectly honest the situation is likely to get even more complicated as the number of coronavirus cases on the island continue to rise.

I am always struck by people who saying to me why don’t you put some good news in the newspaper...but my reply is always the same...good news doesn’t sell newspapers (well that is the theory!). But, we are rapidly getting to a point in which even I would like to see some good news, even at the risk of our sales dipping!! Unfortunately, there isn’t much good news about at the moment.

It is a time for resilience and for Keeping Calm and Carrying On. Hopefully, this time next year we will look back on 2020 and remember it as one of the most surreal years in history. Obviously, there are lessons to be learnt and in some cases relearnt and of course we still have the fallout to come from the holiday season without any tourists. I do hope, though, that we get some good news soon, we certainly need it.