THE Palma city council performed a spectacular U-turn this week over the issue of the Christmas lights.

During the earlier part of the week high-level council officials were telling anyone who would listen that this year it would be a “quiet Christmas” with far fewer lights and not much Christmas fun. That was on Tuesday. But yesterday that city council said in a communique that this year there would be more lights than ever and in fact more streets than ever-before would have Christmas illuminations! From Scrooge to Santa in 48 hours!

So why the change of heart? Well, probably the council came under pressure from the business community to help them out over Christmas. No lights, no Christmas shoppers. I am rather happy that the council have performed a U-turn because we could do with a bit of festive fun and the lights in Palma are fantastic.

Away from Palma and the Calvia council have decided to scrap Christmas decorations and spend the money on families in need. This is also a rather good idea. Calvia is not known for Christmas lights and at least this year families will benefit. I would urge both councils, though, to allow shops to open when they want. Just for this Chritmas throw opening times out of the window which should give the business community a lift. This year Christmas is certainly going to be different. I think we could all do with some festive cheer and at least the Palma city council have seen the light for once.