You can safely say that if you want to visit Mallorca in the short term you will need a negative PCR test. I suspect that it might even be a requirement for travel this summer. Spain is pushing for the introduction of a European-wide vaccine passport which would show your Covid track record. It makes perfect sense to me.

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is also backing the proposal. But not the British government. They say that there will be no passport but you can get a note from your doctor. Picture the scene a busy Palma airport, in the red corner fellow Europeans with their vaccine passport and in the blue corner, British tourists, with a note from their doctor. The Europeans with their passport, which I suspect will be biometric, sail through meanwhile Britons are busy trying to decipher the note from their doctor with a Spanish police officer who probably doesn’t speak much English and there is no way that he or she would understand your doctor´s handwriting!

At a time when the travel industry is facing collapse anything which would help the industry get going should be considered. British vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawis said over the weekend there were several reasons why vaccine passports would not be introduced, not least because the vaccine was not mandatory in the UK. “That’s not how we do things. We do them by consent,” he said. Oh well, many other countries will adopt it. Britain alone again.

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