Some hoteliers maintain that Mallorca can´t survive without British tourism and of course they are right.

Some hoteliers maintain that Mallorca can´t survive without British tourism and of course they are right.

14-06-2021Jason Moore

To be honest the British, in some quarters, have always been the poor relations to the Germans when it comes to tourism on the island. Eventhough Britain is Mallorca´s second biggest tourist market, the number of German holidaymakers outnumber the Brits by 2 to 1. It is the German market which gets special treatment as a result of its importance. It could be said that the Brits, and I state again in some quarters, were the forgotten market. But, not this year.

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me when would the Brits be coming on holiday to the island, I would be a wealthy man! All of a sudden the “missing Brits” are very much missed. I think some people had forgotten how important British tourism was to Majorca. This year (and last year) they have been given a wake-up call.

Some hoteliers maintain that Mallorca can´t survive without British tourism and of course they are right. It has to be said that the British are the most loyal tourists that Mallorca has got; they have been coming to the island for over 50 years in big numbers. It could be said that Mallorca was built on British tourism.

The local government and the tourist industry are keeping their fingers crossed that Mallorca and Spain will be be on Britain´s Green List for safe travel. And it is not only Mallorca. Minorca is heavily reliant on British tourism. Infact, Minorca will suffer badly if the Balearics and Spain remain on amber. This may be a very difficult holiday season for many reasons but an important lesson has been learnt in the Balearics; you can´t take anything for granted especially a market which is as important as Britain.


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Rich / Hace 6 months

Any country that encourages its citizens to give their money to a foreign government without there being a net benefit is insane. Who and what is going to pay for furlough etc. Would you encourage a member of your family to give money to another family unless it was of benefit for the family as a whole, when the family has been supporting that member for a long period of time. Net benefit is the key here.


Majorca fan / Hace 6 months

Peter you are correct there are other countries out there. Trouble is not many holiday in Majorca. The yanks and Canadians don’t travel to the island on mass, actually in 40yrs of holidaying in majorca I have met only one yank at the Vilamil paguera and he was only there due to the mast on his boat had snapped off, and a hand full others on euro cruises. The Spain catchment for large, high income populations is Germany and U.K.. Europe has no other alternative market for 67million Brits will to spend £2k a holiday per head.


Peter P / Hace 6 months

There are a lot of other countries out there other than the UK and Germany you know, and most won't cause the trouble that is associated with Magaluf or Playa de Plama.


Nick Matthew / Hace 6 months

Spain would not let the Bristish enter until 24th May. The EU as a whole, are still banning the British. Whatever the political reasons behind all of this, the people who suffer are the ordinary citizens. It must stop so that we can all get on with our lives.


Majorca fan / Hace 6 months

We will be told today that reopening will be delayed to end of July earliest. Staycation boost to U.K. economy worth £5billion, with Lake District 4 star hotel’s charging £430 a night I can well believe it as it shows U.K. population have decided to stay in U.K. for hols this year. I am sure that Brits will return to Majorca and Balearics in the future but not in the previous numbers. Loyalty has been strained by anti British comments by European politicians and will have an effect on sentiment. Stories of U.K. citizens being refused entry do help confidence. I am sure the European Commission will help out to replace the Brits in Majorca maybe the French will arrive ! I think not.