“We must remember that without tourists this island is in deep trouble....”

“We must remember that without tourists this island is in deep trouble....”

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It could be said that Mallorca was a victim of its own success. For years the island had to do relatively little to attract tourists in record numbers. In some instances, service levels fell and prices increased. In Palma, in some places popular with cruise ship passengers, you found yourself paying three euros for a beer.

But Covid arrived and the tourist industry went into meltdown; restrictions meant that usually extremely popular resorts became ghost towns. When are the British and Germans coming back was the question on the lips of those involved in tourism. Well the Germans and Brits have come back, not in their usual numbers, but they are here on holiday.

I think the island missed a trick. One thing which has become clearly evident is that the island depends on tourism, so what a shame that Majorca didn’t make tourists feel slightly extra special this year.

Giant billboards welcoming tourists across the island would have certainly been a step in the right direction, the campaign A Tourist A Friend could have been reintroduced and a message sent out to all making tourists feel at home here.

Now, I am not saying that tourists are not welcomed with opened arms here but a little bit more this year would have been appreciated I am sure.

The tourist tax could have been shelved. I think we must remember that Mallorca has many competing holiday destinations which want a slice of our trade. An important lesson for this summer; without tourists we are nothing.


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Malcolm / Hace 6 months

@John Law. I'm Alright Jack eh ? You are the kind of self centered ex-Pat nobody can abide.


Gabriel / Hace 6 months

Stan, it goes both ways. I live in Santa Catalina and I pay a ridiculous amount for rent. And what do I get from the tourists that deserve the respect and friendliness? Well, I can't fall asleep until an hour after the bars close.


John Law / Hace 6 months

Reduce tourism to 25% of today's levels, and Mallorca would return to being a paradise. If that makes it a ruch man's paradise, so much the better. As a 50 year rssident hers, I remember the island with quality tourism only. It worked then, and it would work again. It was a far better place, with local people speaking their language, and serving their food. What has happened is that 80% of the working population now are foreigners and peninsulares that have come thinking that Mallorca can feed the world, and the Mallorcan culture has all but disappeared in many coastal areas. Mallorca, just like the south of france and many places on this planet, is not a cheap place to live, and If people from other countries don't like it, or can't make enough money here to live, then the decision is easy,, and life is the same the world over....


Ian Jones / Hace 6 months

Jason must you go on and on and on about the tourist tax? It’s almost like you have a financial stake in getting it binned. It’s a relatively common practice across several countries and is there to promote social cohesion. It’s a small sum and I’ve never met a tourist who mentioned it when deciding whether to go on holiday. Your attitude towards the island’s approach is simultaneously supine and craven and I cringe every time you beat this drum. Just give it a rest, eh? There are plenty of other social issues which could do with some journalistic brainpower.


Stan.. / Hace 6 months