“The tourist industry needs to start planning for the future but the future is rather uncertain” | EFE

As the sun prepares to go down on another tourist season it is that time of the year when the industry autopsy gets underway. I don´t think anyone, (apart from Balearic President Francina Armengol) believes that it has been a good season. Better than expected, perhaps but record season, no way.

Has enough money been made by those businesses involved in tourism to tide them over the hard winter months? I doubt it. If the island is unable to attract large number of tourists during the summer then it is highly unlikely that we will get more winter tourists. This week the Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, made a rather landmark speech. He basically said that change was needed and mass tourism based on numbers was not the way forward.

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This is something I have heard before, in otherwords fewer tourists with greater spending power to ease overcrowding on the island. It is perhaps the way forward. But remember this island is based around mass tourism. If we don´t get the numbers we won´t get the revenue.

Yes, change is needed and probably as a result of the pandemic we will be receiving fewer tourists and fewer cruise ship passengers. If this is the case we must ensure that everyone get a warm welcome. Perhaps, fewer tourists in an industry which functions all year around is the way forward but I would say, though, that much work has to be done.

The big stumbling block about weather tourism continues to be the weather. It is warmer here in winter than in northern Europe but it is not a winter sun destination. Now, is the time to plan for the future but the future is still uncertain.